Sunday, 9 March 2014

Global Education Sensitization Mission

शिक्षा-क्रांति  is an NGO, a social welfare organization (non-profit), a courtesy title of Global Education Sensitization Mission. 

VISION:  शिक्षा-क्रांति envisions a values-driven-society of India, which is free from the scourge of Dirt and Corruption. Under its research project स्वच्छताग्रह, the NGO aims at making CLEANLINESS in its wider term the National Value of India; making it the top most priority of every single democratic institute of India, that is to say. 

MISSION:  शिक्षा-क्रांति has not only been sensitizing the masses on the importance of cleanliness through the words of mouth, but also cleaning the public places with their hands by conducting cleanliness campaigns in Solan for five years. Under स्वच्छताग्रह with its sub-theme 'हम सब प्रत्येक, पेड़ लगायें एक', the NGO has been doing tree plantation at large scale, thereby, inspiring one and all to plant trees and look after them throughout life.

शिक्षा-क्रांति has always had at its heart the main objective of developing the communication skills and inculcating the environmental values of life in students, right from the launch of its pilot project  ' The Culture of Creative Communication' in 2011-2015 in Govt. Sen Sec Schools of HP to the execution of its research project स्वच्छताग्रह.

शिक्षा-क्रांति is executing its project स्वच्छताग्रह in co-ordination with Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate change of India under the theme स्वच्छ भारत मिशन, making it a common cause with all the democratic institutions of Education, Health, Police..........

शिक्षा-क्रांति ने "स्वच्छता के सिद्धांत" को हमेशा अपने स्वार्थ से उपर रखा है |देश में अनेक रूपों में व्याप्त भ्रष्टाचार के चलते, शिक्षा-क्रांति अपने प्रोजेक्ट 'स्वच्छताग्रह' को सुचारू रूप से आगे ले जाने के लिए वांछित धन  (समाज और प्रकृति सेवा करने के लिए ज़रूरी ग्रांट-इन-ऐड) के नाम से अभी तक (1.10.2016) एक पैसा भी नहीं जुटा पाई है |

ग़नीमत है कि संस्था को देश के जागरुक नागरिकों द्वारा एक रुपया प्रति दिन सर्वजन हित के सफाई के कार्य के लिए दान दिया जा रहा है | 

शिक्षा-क्रांति is soon going to resume its publication India Redeeming- Education & Literary Quarterly’, started in 2011, but held over in 2012 due to an inordinate delay in getting the recommendation letter of subscription form the concerned department of Higher Education of HP. 

                                                                                        Dated:  13. 7. 2012

National Skill Development Mission launched of late by the government of India is a welcome step in the direction of ensuring the holistic enhancement of the nation skills.

This is going to make the unprivileged sections of the Indian society aware of the importance of skills in life on the one hand and raise the employability of our workforce on the other. Behind the mission are three main institutions at work: Prime Minister’s National Council on Skill Development, National Skill Development Coordination Board and National Skill Development Corporation (a non-profit company under the Companies Act, 1956). Together they make a unitary complex of public private partnership (PPP).

This augurs well for the inclusive growth of the country in the long run. The mission has at its core the national policy on skill development that aims at skilling 500 million persons by 2022. A great vision!
When we talk about skills, it might be comprised of the soft skills as well as the hard skills. The former includes all skills from communication skills to social and life skills and the latter consists of manual or computer skills. The soft skills are more significant than the hard skills in many ways. They are preliminary to the hard skills. For example, if one has to develop one’s hard skill in terms of some vocational or computer course, s/he must be well equipped with many preliminary soft skills such as communication skills and inter personal skills. 

Many skills supporting syndicates, both regional and national players, have joined hands with the government so as to realize the common goal of skilling the nation. Each of them has their own training and skill developments programs/ modules in place. But, there is a huge skills deficit staring them in the face. For example, there is not even a single transnational education publication from any of them that promises even to bring forth the characteristic and civilizational skills of the nation, let alone further developing and sustaining those skills in the context of the changed time. Prioritizing in accordance with NSDC, GESM has taken two initiatives that have begun ‘a multiplier or catalytic effects’. One is publishing a learner-friendly grammar work book, Creative Communication Grammar Course and the second is India Redeeming- Education & Literary Quarterly’. 

GESM, Global Education Sensitization Mission, one of the non -profit organizations, promises to carry forward the Government’s vision of National Skill Development Mission, but clearly with a difference. It can do so if the concerned departments cooperate with the organization's means and methods being employed into the research works.
GESM has come up with its national education media India Redeeming- Education & Literary Quarterly’ to cater to the need of the intellectual growth of the teachers specifically and intelligentsia generally. This is a creative platform where every single teacher from elementary level to the higher one can contribute to the quality skill development of the system. 

Of course,the teachers have already begun to do their bit; some have sent us their write-ups to be published in our journal and many have subscribed to the journalIndia Redeeming- Education & Literary Quarterly’. 

GESM has also launched its research project, The Culture of Creative Communication, in Govt. Sen. Sec. Schools of Himachal Pradesh, with the result that many students are being sensitized to their learning of creative communication. It is through the communication skill that the students are being made aware of their social and moral duties towards Society and Nature.

GESM has students growing with their language skills right from their communicative level of skill to the writing skill as evident from their published essays and poems in the journal.

GESM strongly believes that in the absence of a standard media to monitor skills development, any project launched by any organization, be it governmental or private, might prove successful, but not so much successful. It might instead turn out to be counterproductive. Hence, there is always the need to have an educational media like IR-Education & Literary Quarterly’ set up at national level.
GESM with its intellectual arm, India Redeeming- Education & Literary Quarterly’, is the missing link in the genome of the present system of education in India. It has set the benchmark against which any other soft skills development programs can not only be measured, but also be supplemented with its researches and innovations.